Miramax distributes via Facebook

For 30 Facebook credits ($3) you can rent one of the 20 Miramax titles available on Facebook for 30 days, however, the rental period ends 48 hours after you start watching it.  The Miramax movie app can be watched on the iPad and GoogleTV.

The films available are some of Miramax’s top films:


Cold Mountain

Good Will Hunting

No Country for Old Men

Pulp Fiction

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Dish outbids Icahn

Dish Network out bid Carl Icahn and others for Blockbuster.  Dish bid $320 million, which includes $228 million in cash.

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The IL Film Tax Incentive: Don’t Kid Yourself, Studios Aren’t Moved By It »

It may surprise Chicagoans to hear, but Movie Studios don’t care about the Illinois tax incentive. In general, the only studio films that come to Illinois are those that have already established themselves with the “Cheaper than New York to film” Chicago look, like ‘The Dark Knight‘, or those films that actually need Chicago, ‘Public Enemies’.

Read more at FilmClosings.com

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Warner Bros. starts renting movies via Facebook

If you were looking for something more worthwhile to spend Facebook credits on than virtual trinkets for some game, Warner has an idea: all those movies you said you “liked.” Starting today it is testing out a plan to rent movies right on their respective pages for 30 Facebook credits / $3 each.

Read the more and see the Press Release on Engadget.

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'Mummy' Producer and Union Entertainment Heading to 'Dead Island'

(Watch the trailer here.)

Producer Sean Daniel and Union Entertainment are sitting on the rights to one of the hottest properties on the internet: the video game “Dead Island.”

Daniel, along with Union Entertainment President Richard Liebowitz and producer Dmitri Johnson, have been tracking the game’s development for several years, and acquired rights to it in 2009, TheWrap has learned.

A compelling — and sort of disturbing — trailer for “Dead Island” was released this week. Since then, it’s gotten more than 1.5 million views.

Read more at The Wrap.

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The Day the Movies Died

Excellent Read!

No, Hollywood films aren’t going to get better anytime soon. Mark Harris on the (potential) death of the great American art form

by Mark Harris


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Disney’s Big Bet On Digital Distribution »

Disney unveiled its plans to combat the loss of DVD sales and bolster digital distribution during its 2011 Investor Conference, unveiling a Studio All Access initiative that will allow consumers to purchase its content digitally and watch it across a number of devices. At the same time, the company raised rates for companies like Redbox and Netflix that distribute DVDs to consumers.

The future of Disney’s film and TV distribution hangs in the balance, particularly as the company seeks to deal with a weakening DVD market. In his remarks, Disney CEO Bob Iger noted that the company has been experimenting with a number of strategies for dealing with the onset of new digital platforms and technologies, through a series of short-term deals with various distributors. The plan for Disney is to “be early and learn early” on new technology platforms, trying out various models to see what works and what doesn’t.

Read more at gigaom.com.

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Disney riding franchise plan »

Walt Disney Co. chief Bob Iger has been preaching the power of franchises for the Mouse House for years. On Thursday, he and other Disney execs spent the day outlining to investors — with a slew of facts and figures — how the focus on cross-platform properties like “Toy Story,” “Cars” and its newly acquired Marvel characters will bolster the Mouse House’s bottom line for years to come.

"Over the last five years, we created a more managed approach to how we deal with franchises," Iger said during the Mouse’s daylong investor confab in Anaheim. "Now we have the ability to view the full potential of a franchise."

This year, studio will launch the fourth “Pirates of the Caribbean” entry; “Cars 2”; a new “Winnie the Pooh” pic; and Marvel’s “Thor” and “Captain America.” “The Avengers” follows next year.

Read more at Variety.

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A Graphic Look At 25 Years Of Music Sales
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5 Useful Habits of a Beginner Screenwriter

Keep a Journal

Observe People

Read Scripts

Keep Newspaper Clippings

Set Goals

Read the post at Raindance.

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14 Prequels Even Hollywood Wouldn’t Make 3 years ago / 0 notes
Redbox’s Netflix Competitor: Too Little, Too Late?

Investors and users are waiting patiently for Redbox to unveil plans for a streaming service that could compete against Netflix. During its analyst day meeting Wednesday, Redbox finally gave an update on those plans, and the update was: keep waiting.

The expectation that Redbox would launch a streaming offering began nearly a year ago when the kiosk rental company began surveying customers to see if they would be interested in watching movies online. A few months later, reports began surfacing that Redbox would announce its streaming plans during Coinstar’s third-quarter conference call in October. But those plans never materialized; instead Redbox told investors it was evaluating a number of partners that it could go to market with.

Read more at gigaom.com.

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Spec Sales Stats: 2010 The Year in Review

Almost a spec a day hit the marketplace in 2010. And while both submissions and sales were down (17.6% and 15.1%, respectively), just 62 of the 360 spec scripts that made the rounds in 2010 sold.

While Jason Scoggins’ covers these statistics brilliantly, consistently and in depth on his ItsOnTheGrid.com (which Sharon Waxman’s TheWrap.com just acquired, merging them into an even more formidable source of instant entertainment industry insider information), a simplification of the top notes is illustrative and handy to aspiring and veteran screenwriters alike trying to make sense of (or keep their finger on the pulse of) the buying landscape.

Read more at Scriptmag.com.

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